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                                  Black Forest Engraving was originally formed in a small                                      Pittsburgh town in 2013 under the name D'Wine in Wood.

                                  In 2014 D'Wine in Wood moved to Black Forest, Colorado.

                               It was then, D'Wine in Wood was renamed, Black Forest

                               Engraving. The majority of my engraving services were   

                                  done for the Air Force Acadamy and several military bases

                                 throughout Colorado. It is my goal to continue offering the

                            same quality, custom engraving services here in my     

                                 hometown of Beaver, PA. My shop is unique to the fullest  in the endless possibilities of custom engraving. Custom engraving services for events (weddings, graduations, christening, birthdays, showers, etc.), schools (laptops, awards, gifts), scouts, businesses, sports teams (football, baseball, cheerleading, soccer, etc.). Most jobs are completed within 24 hours. 


Fiber Fusion

Etched Business Cards
Wine Bottle Engraving
Brewery Swag and Branding
Phone Customization
Holiday Ornaments
Cloth Etching
Paper Invitations
Laptop Customization
Home Decor
Marble Flooring
Product Marking
Industrial Etching
And much more!

Electronics Engraving
Wood Engraving & Cutting
Marble & Stone Etching
Glass Etching
Corporate Giveaways
Sporting Goods
Acrylic & Wood Signage
Wedding Memorabilia
Nameplates & Desksets
Toys & Games
Wooden Models
Photo Albums
Holiday Decorations
Laser Cut Cards & Invitations
Guitar Inlays

                         About the Owner/Designer: Denise Wine Pipher - I'm originally from a town                                  about 15 miles north of Pittsburgh, PA (GO STEELERS!!!) My children and                                  grandchildren were born and raised in Beaver. I've always wanted to be a                                    veterinarian but my engineering and creative mind told me differently. So                                    instead of earning a DVM, I earned a BS/Business Management, and an MBA                            Global Business Management...and spent many years in the corporate world working in the nuclear, gas and oil industries (where I picked up my experience in engineering, quality control, and negotiation skills). I took everything I learned and combined it with my creative mind...and started Black Forest Engraving.

Custom Jewelry
Corporate & Sporting Awards
Acrylic Plaques
Photo Frames
One-of-a-Kind Gifts
Engraved Mirrors
Architectural Models
Custom Pet Tags
Inlaid Signage
3D Models
Engraved Denim Jeans
Photo Engraving
Barcode Engraving
Logo Engraving on Parts
Tool Identification
Medical Part Marking

Each machine is built with a 32"x20" engraving area, so the number of applications for laser cutting, engraving, and marking is nearly endless, and it grows with every project. Here is just a small collection of the ways I use my

***Made in America*** Epilog Laser system

CO2 Fusion

About Black Forest Engraving......

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Gifts & Awards Consultant

130 Hall Road

Aliquippa (Center Twp.), PA 15001


"Don't expect to find one right way to make
yourself more creative"....Author Unknown